About TEI

Tax Executives Institute is the preeminent association of in-house tax professionals worldwide​. Our members are business executives who are responsible for taxation matters on an administrative or policy-making level, or whose work is otherwise primarily concerned with the challenges of business taxation. TEI members are accountants, lawyers, and other corporate and business employees who are responsible for the tax affairs of their employers in an executive, administrative, or managerial capacity.

Our History

TEI was founded in 1944 by a group of 15 prominent corporate tax executives in New York City. Today the institute has nearly 7,000 members, aligned in 56 separate chapters, and representing over 3,000 leading businesses in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia. Approximately 10 percent of the Institute’s members are affiliated with Canadian corporations. In 1999 TEI formed its EMEA Capter; the Asia Chapter was established in 2005; and a charter was approved in November 2014 for a Latin America Chapter.

A detailed history of TEI is available in the 50th Anniversary download.


The mission of Tax Executives Institute is to enhance and improve the tax system and to serve its members, their employers, and society generally by facilitating interaction among, and the training of, members and their staffs, by effectively advocating its members’ views, and by promoting competence and professionalism in both the private and government sectors.


Tax Executives Institute is dedicated to the development of sound tax policy, compliance with and uniform enforcement of tax laws, and minimization of administration and compliance costs to the benefit of both government and taxpayers. These goals can be attained only through the members’ voluntary actions and their adherence to the highest standards of professional competence and integrity.


  • To facilitate the association of professionals whose work is principally concerned with administering the tax affairs of business entities and to enhance the role of tax executives in the management of those entities.
  • To promote an awareness among business entities and government of the significance of both taxes and tax administration as a cost of business and a factor in global competitiveness, and of the importance of sound business tax management practices.
  • To promote and support the improvement of the tax laws, and of their administration, at all levels of government.
  • To cooperate and exchange ideas with government tax officials for the purpose of identifying and resolving issues and problems in tax administration.
  • To promote the interchange of ideas and mutual assistance among the members, and between the members and government tax of officials.
  • To promote high standards of competence, professionalism, and performance in business tax management and government tax administration.
  • To obtain and disseminate information on the subject of taxation for the benefit of the members, their employers, and other interested parties.

TEI Education Fund

The TEI Education Fund was formed in 1987 to sponsor the Insitute’s conferences, seminars and tax courses.  It is a 501(c)(3) organization.