ETP Update

Changing of the Guard, Starting a New Chapter

On a beautiful June day in Huntington Beach, California, back in 2014, our lives were changed forever, and the emerging tax professionals (ETP) subcommittee (though unnamed at the time) was officially born. What an incredible four years it has been. We could never have imagined how many outstanding people we… Read more »


Managing Multiple Generations Within Your Department or Team

The one question TEI members most often ask us, the co-chairs of the emerging tax professionals subcommittee, is how to deal with and manage the millennials within their departments and teams. We get asked this question so often, in fact, that the first meeting-in-a-box our subcommittee developed centered on this… Read more »


A Look Back at 2017—and Ahead to 2018

Welcome to 2018 and the first installment of Emerging Tax Professionals (ETP) Update. We are thrilled to have been given the opportunity to share with you the latest news from the ETP subcommittee in this recurring column in Tax Executive. As we sat down to write this inaugural column, we… Read more »