Tax Reform

House Blueprint for Tax Reform Pushes Consumption Taxes Onto Center Stage
Shifting away from 1986-style reform, the drama is definitely in the details

On June 24, with much fanfare, House Republicans laid out the framework of a new tax reform proposal, frequently called a “blueprint” for tax reform. To date, most of the focus of tax reform discussions and the major Congressional committee and Obama administration efforts on tax reform have involved so-called… Read more »


Corporate Integration: Chairman Hatch’s Straightforward Approach to Tax Reform
Want to have input on the proposal? There's no time like the present

There is consensus that business tax reform needs to occur, but disagreement over how best to achieve it. Earlier this year, Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT), chairman of the Senate Committee on Finance (Senate Finance), announced that he was developing a corporate integration proposal. Although Chairman Hatch has not yet issued… Read more »