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More Transparency in the EU: Questions & Answers on DAC 6
Are you up to date on cross-border arrangements?

The European Union (EU) passed a sixth version of its Directive on Administrative Cooperation in the Field of Taxation, known as DAC 6 (EU Council Directive 2018/822), on May 25, 2018. DAC 6 introduces reporting requirements for professional intermediaries (and, under certain circumstances, taxpayers) relating to their involvement in a… Read more »


Procurement and Tax—Time to Integrate
Why implementing a third-party tax engine is the best approach

One of the most important functions at which companies must excel is selling goods and services with as little transactional friction as possible—particularly in today’s world of digital commerce. Companies invest significant effort in the sales environment, but an equally necessary value-add for tax is the ability to purchase goods… Read more »


There’s a Mistake on Your Tax Return—Should You Fix It?
Check out this proposed framework for overall compliance

This article proposes a framework for deciding whether to fix a mistake found on a previously filed tax return. Rather than treating mistakes on previously filed tax returns as isolated events to be managed on an ad hoc basis—the usual and less effective approach—the proposed framework views the discovery of… Read more »


OECD Races Toward Completing Final Report on Digital Economy
But two fundamental “pillars” present structural challenges

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is racing toward meeting an ambitious target by the end of the year that could radically change the way all multinational enterprises (MNEs) are taxed. The target—a final report—was set forth in January 2019 under the cover of addressing the digital economy.1… Read more »


Don’t Throw Out New Jersey Throwout Cases
Why? It’s really a national issue

The New Jersey throwout wins are more nationally relevant than ever, even though New Jersey repealed the throwout provision in its Corporation Business Tax Act nearly a decade ago. “Throwout” takes its name from the requirement that receipts be removed from (or “thrown out” of) a company’s sales factor denominator… Read more »


Addressing Proposed Section 382 Regulations in Current M&A Transactions
These revisions will impact deal terms and valuation

In September 2019, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Treasury Department issued proposed Section 382 regulations that, when finalized, would significantly reduce the value of net operating losses (NOLs) following Section 382 ownership changes, including those that occur in connection with mergers and acquisitions.1 In particular, the proposed regulations… Read more »