Northeast Wisconsin Chapter
Activity Summary Report Through March

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Below is a quick summary of the activity in the Northeast Wisconsin Chapter from this past October through March:

  • The chapter meeting on October 24 focused on international tax issues, including GILTI, FDII, and other matters related to tax reform.
  • November 21 was the chapter’s annual all-day session. Presentations covered a wide variety of topics, including some rarely addressed in the typical monthly afternoon session format, such as compensation and benefits, ethics, and drafting contracts.
  • After a traditional holiday/busy-season break, the chapter resumed its meeting schedule February 13 with a session on legislative updates. Not surprisingly, a major focus was new regulations issued in the wake of tax reform. There is still tremendous interest in discussing these matters as the Northeast Wisconsin Chapter members work through the nuts and bolts involved in implementing the new rules.
  • March 19 was the chapter’s annual roundtable session. A favorite annual meeting for many members, this meeting consists of chapter members discussing current issues and sharing experiences, rather than a formal presentation.

All meetings were well attended, which is great for such a small chapter. The chapter is also happy to report that it now has a full slate of chapter board members. Due to a few departures of members who experienced career changes and recently left the area, the chapter had operated with a few empty slots all year. The group was pleased to see the interest of the new additions, who bring renewed energy and new perspectives to the board.

Overall, it’s been a great year so far, and the Northeast Wisconsin Chapter looks forward to finishing strong through the rest of the year.

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