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Canadian Sales Tax Reform
How the U.S. Neighbor to the North Transitioned From a Multistage Sales Tax to an Almost Fully Harmonized Single VAT — in Just One Century

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The problem with good tax policy is that politics always gets in the way. And for the United States—a country whose sales tax system (at least from a nonresident’s perspective) cries out for reform—your neighbor to the north and our experience may offer a cautionary tale of inspiration. After all,…

Trends and Developments in Canadian Tax Controversy and Jurisprudence
Transfer pricing issues, increases in voluntary disclosures, and procedural disputes are among major developments, but what will happen in 2016 — and beyond?

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) continues to employ a risk-based approach when auditing large corporate taxpayers, focusing on high-risk areas such as aggressive tax avoidance and international tax planning. Information-gathering involves the use of written requests and requirement letters to routinely attempt to compel delivery of taxpayer information. However, the…

State Aid: What It Is, and How It May Affect Multinationals and Tax Departments
European Commission’s actions against member states bear close scrutiny

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Never before has international taxation been in such a spotlight in the business press. Cross-border mergers, international tax policy, and base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS) have each been the subject of major front-page articles in the financial news. Over the last two years another topic has increasingly been in…

Deploying Company Foundations in Battle for Tech Talent
Managing compliance issues, planning opportunities for tax departments are key concerns

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With top companies in Silicon Valley and elsewhere engaged in heated competition to fill the increasing number of open job positions requiring technical skills, initiatives to expand the country’s pipeline of science, engineering, and technology talent is becoming a renewed priority for corporate philanthropy. Corporate tax departments have an important…

Forging Forward — But How Fast and in Which Direction?
Data rules the tax technology roost, elevating professionals who embrace its potential, but the “new normal” is not without its pitfalls

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In the world of real estate, it’s all about location, location, and location. In the tax world, it is becoming all about data, data, and data. And whatever facet of tax technology you’re talking about—whether it’s hardware, software, Big Data, the cloud, data storage, or cybersecurity—the data are the key drivers.…

TEI Roundtable No. 4:
Insourcing vs. Outsourcing

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Corporate tax practice is becoming more complicated, and the expectations placed on TEI members more demanding. So it’s not surprising that more corporate tax practices are considering or already outsourcing more tax functions. How do you make the decision to outsource, and what are the challenges facing those companies that…