TEI Holds Liaison Meeting With the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue

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On August 9, a delegation from TEI’s Philadelphia Chapter met with representatives from the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue (DOR). The delegation addressed taxpayer concerns arising from the DOR’s new corporation tax systems and procedures, such as gaps among assessments of tax, interest, and penalties; failure to notify taxpayers when an amended return or revenue agent report (RAR) adjustment has been accepted or rejected; and difficulties determining the basis for assessments. In addition to discussing these issues, TEI recommended that the DOR establish an administrative process through the Bureau of Corporation Taxes to resolve computational and procedural errors without the need to file a petition with the Board of Appeals. Discussions with the DOR are ongoing regarding these issues along with other guidance the DOR intends to issue. Al Pisanelli and Jeff Rhines, members of TEI’s State and Local Tax Committee and co-chairs of the Philadelphia Chapter’s SALT Committee, led the meeting. A complete summary of the issues addressed at the meeting is contained in a letter provided to the DOR.

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