TEI Launches New Institute Brand

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It’s an exciting time for TEI and its members. As the Institute looks toward the future and continues to evaluate how it can best serve members, embarking on strategic initiatives that propel the Institute forward and position TEI as the go-to organization for expert information and advisement is essential.

It is in that vein that TEI began a strategic branding initiative two years ago to thoroughly examine what the Institute means to, or should mean to, members, companies, the profession, and regulators.

TEI partnered with branding experts to develop an informed brand strategy, where all messaging and design decisions were directly informed by what we heard when speaking with members, nonmembers, partners, and decision makers.

This process helped us identify what truly resonates with our constituencies about TEI now, and what they’d like to see from TEI in the future. We developed brand personality traits that are supported by how the Institute serves members and connects with influencers, and those traits informed the development of our new brand mark and Institute tagline, “Connect. Engage. Impact.”

After the brand was launched at this year’s 73rd Annual Conference, members will continue to see the new brand come to life through the look and feel of TEI channels, tools, and materials and in how we speak about the Institute.

After more than a generation without any changes or updates, the evolution of the TEI brand will help better position the Institute to serve members and strengthen its impact so that members and their companies can reap the benefits of TEI’s influence.

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